Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bluetooth and Nokia PC Suite

I recently suffered a frustrating experience trying to make Nokia PC Suite work with my 6650. The problems began when I changed from using an ancient 6682 to the newer 6650; after suspending and resuming my laptop (an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60p), PC Suite would lose its bluetooth connection to the phone.

Things went from bad to worse, with PC Suite eventually refusing to talk to the phone at all, just giving the message "Cannot authenticate the phone" when trying to pair with it. Moreover, Windows would behave as though the phone were trying to pair with the PC when PC Suite was trying to pair with the phone, asking for a security code (when it should have been the phone asking for a code to match the one given to PC Suite). Installing the very newest drivers from the IBM homepage made things worse still, with bluetooth failing to work at all, giving the message "No local bluetooth device was detected" despite it plainly being found in the device manager, though the "Bluetooth Bus Enumerator" device had disappeared.

To fix this nightmare, I had to uninstall the Thinkpad driver in the device manager, then uninstall PC Suite, "PC Connectivity Solution," "Nokia Connectivity Cable driver," all instances of "Windows Driver Package - Nokia *," and "Thinkpad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software" from the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel.

Then I had to run the installation software for the last 5.1 release of the Thinkpad Bluetooth software. This is not the current release; the 5.5 driver version does not work properly with Nokia PC Suite as far as I can tell. Fortunately I still had the 5.1 release on my laptop. I'm not sure if it can still be downloaded from IBM, Broadcom, or Lenovo, or where one would find it if it can.

Then I finally reinstalled PC Suite, and everything works again.

Hopefully this helps others in the same or a similar situation.


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