Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Creme Brulee Recipe

I use the term 'my' loosely, unlike John McCain and his wife who tend to publish other people's recipes copied & pasted wholesale as their own. I did not invent creme brulee, and I adapted this recipe from the most excellent Roxube recipe. Key differences:

Flavor it with 2 tsp vanilla extract and 1 tbsp triple sec. Using real vanilla bean sounds like a neat idea, but vanilla beans are really expensive, and all those nice black specs just sank to the bottom of the ramekins, so there was nothing to enjoy. And triple sec is just good.

Use 1/3 cup sugar rather than 1/4. Come on, don't pretend anything about this is good for you. If you're going to eat a high-calorie dessert that would kill you if you had it often, you might as well not skimp on the sugar. I like using baker's sugar for the brulee because it's finer and dissolves and mixes with the egg yolks faster.

I found that it was easiest to get the custard mix into the ramekins using a ladle rather than trying to get all that mix into yet another container to pour it.

Use a convection oven at 300 degrees fahrenheit for exactly 23 minutes.

Aside from that, it's easiest just to follow the Youtube Video.

I calculated that if you throw a couple berries on top of the brulee, the final calorie count if you use 6 ramekins comes to about 450 each. Fortunately, you can also burn 450 calories on an elliptical machine in 30-45 minutes if you work at it. Isn't it worth it?


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