Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My First, and Last Trip with Virgin America

Just three days after I booked a pair of tickets round-trip to LA from San Francisco, Virgin America decided they'd have a sale on fares. The tickets that cost $69 each went to $44 each. $25 difference, times 4 legs ends up $100, nothing to sneeze at.

Most of the major US carriers will issue a credit or a refund if a fare drops within 30 days of purchasing a ticket.

Not Virgin America.

The best they could offer was to charge me $40 per ticket to cancel and then rebook. Since the difference in price per ticket was only $25, this of course made no sense. Plus they'd charge a $5 fee per ticket to rebook over the phone.

So rather than, say, give me a $100 credit to my account, thereby almost assuring I'd use Virgin America again to redeem the credit (or voucher or whatever), instead, they decided to just flat out screw me, thereby assuring I will never book a flight with Virgin America, ever again.

Underneath their cutesy demeanor and mood lighting, Virgin America is just as much an impersonal, consumer-hostile, asshole airline as any other, if not even more so.

Nice move, assholes. Hope you're happy about screwing me out of $100.

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