Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Disintegration of Persistence?

So tonight I was going to do some work on my JPA stuff, and found that the Dali plug-in for my Eclipse installation has vanished. The perspective is gone. Eclipse no longer lists it among the installed plug-ins. It has simply vanished.

I would try to figure out what the hell happened, but it's been a long day already. I think I'll just download and unpack Dali again and re-install it.


Update: reinstalling didn't work. The files are all there, but Eclipse simply refuses to see or read them. My project is dead in the water until I can figure out what the hell is going on.

Update #2: it looks like somehow Eclipse also lost WTP, which is a dependency for Dali. No idea how it could have lost WTP either.

Update #3: was it something I upgraded? *burp* Indeed, when the Dali page says that it is targeted against a particular release of WTP, it really means it. The natural thing for a programmer geek to want to do is to upgrade plugins and packages to their newest, most stable releases, but it turns out that one of the upgrades I had done broke Dali. It's a bit frustrating that even with -debug -console -consoleLog -vm {path to java.exe}, the plugin failed *silently*.

The fix is to unzip the targeted version of WTP and use that only. The all-in-one bundle includes Eclipse as well, so don't even bother grabbing Eclipse first. Dali is apparently so fragile still that it is targeted against one particular build of the Eclipse SDK. Once WTP all-in-one is installed, then unzip Dali to get the plugin.

I look forward to the day when: Dali works with the latest stable versions of things and plugins don't fail silently.


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