Friday, November 17, 2006

Alternative Method of Passing Along Model Objects

In my last post I talked about passing the model around by virtue of keeping it in the WebApplication's session, but there's another, less memory-intensive way of handling this as well. (Thanks to the folks in ##wicket on freenode for this one.)

Rather than calling setResponsePage(PreviewBeforeSubmit.class), it is also possible to say setResponsePage(new PreviewBeforeSubmit(modelObject)), then define a constructor in the PreviewBeforeSubmit class that takes the model object. This does mean that to go back your originating page must also define a similar constructor, and its no-arg constructor may need to do the original instantiation (or your WebApplication could).

This strategy saves a few bytes in your session, since the model object is already in there. It means you won't need a second class in the session to contain the first.


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